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Amanda Thompson

Amanda is my right hand and keeps things running when I am not around, she is a BHS Stage 3 Groom and has worked with me for over 4 years. She loves Weeble and has been heavily involved in his education and has now started to compete him in dressage, showing and ODE. She plans to continue with her BHS assessments and to do more competing in 2018


Adrian Porter

My very supportive and understanding husband who can often be found helping with the yard work or assisting me at a competition (in reality he would rather be watching football!) At 6'7" he is the only person that makes Weeble look like a normal sized horse.



Chief of vermin control and yard security, she can be found hiding around the yard until her food appears at which point she may allow you to stroke her.....


Utopico- Pico or Mr P/The Wild Stallion

16hh 2001 Lusitano stallion

The star of the show! He has been my introduction to dressage horse and has taken me from Medium to PSG and International classes in 3 years. He can also turn his hoof to anything and has competed in all disciplines at a lower level. His hobbies include eating (he gets very "hangry"), trying to be any other colour than white and piaffe.


McKenzie II - Weeble or The Baby Dinosaur

18hh 2011 Warmblood X gelding

Delivered by my own fair hands he is maturing nicely and has been produced slowly due to his size. This has been his first year of competition and he has competed at all disciplines with success. His hobbies include kicking his feed bucket all over the place, cuddling people and drinking from the hosepipe.


Amigo and Loca

These 2 are very helpful lorry dogs and happily keep guard when we are competitions. They are also excellent company when I am up all night on foal watch.



An oldie but a goody! Allows Team GPRES to get out and about to competitions and is big enough to carry Weeble in comfort


Sir Bouncy Von Big Rump

Team mascot who comes to all competitions with us including travelling to Paris for the MCI European Finals.

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