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Gemma trained me for some of my BHS stages, I'm now planning on doing my stage four, I will definitely be seeking help from her, she is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach / instructor. She goes above and beyond to help any way she can.


Gemma taught me and my daughter to ride when we were in Germany. I changed my lesson so I could stay with Gemma as she was the kindest, gentlest and most approachable of all the teachers. She never got impatient when I spectacularly got it wrong and she showed her love and more importantly her understanding of horses at every lesson. I cannot speak highly enough of Gemma.


Around 3 years ago I had an awful horse riding accident – I broke multiple bones and went from a very confident rider, competing in dressage and show jumping, to one that was scared of my own shadow.

I bought a new horse, a youngster, and promptly got spooked off a couple of times further compounding my loss of confidence. I remember going home and crying, being too terrified to even think about getting on my sweet horse Leo.

I booked a lesson with Gemma a week after the last fall and at the end of my lesson had a huge smile on my face. At the start of the lesson I was barely breathing kitted out in back protector, air jacket, neck strap etc etc. I was scared to even walk, Gemma gave me such confidence and taught with such sensitivity throughout that lesson that by the end of it I was out of the saddle cantering around the school shouting "Geronimo" at the top of my voice – what a confidence booster!

I have Gemma train me and Leo regularly and can’t recommend anyone more highly than her. She has such a natural touch with each rider and horse, tailoring her lessons to each individual and not teaching by rote. She is happy to ride your horse so she really has an idea of how they feel and what could be improved upon. She gives me confidence each time I ride and I always come away with a huge smile on my face and homework to practice in-between sessions. Her lessons are filled with funny comments to make me smile, relax and keep me breathing, praise for Leo and me and excellent feedback when I’m not putting in my best or I’m hindering Leo with my riding. At the end of every lesson I feel I have learnt something and am close to gaining the perfect partnership with my horse that we all strive for.

To say my confidence has increased is an understatement, onwards and upwards for Leo and I and I know that with Gemma’s help I will be fully restored to my old confident riding self and be back out competing again soon.


Gemma has been an wonderful trainer to work with over the last few years. She helped me move up through the BD levels from Medium through to Advanced Medium and also got me out Show Jumping on another horse. As well as her thorough technical knowledge, Gemma is very good at figuring out how best to motivate and encourage me to have the confidence to work towards new competitive goals. 


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